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Sidewalks and Driveways

Are you looking to spruce up the look of your sweet home by giving the sidewalks and the driveway a grand makeover? If you reside in or around Miramar, FL, look no further than Miramar Concrete Contractors. We provide high-quality repairs and installations at prices that do not drill a hole in your pocket. If you are wondering whether upgrading to a cement-based roadway or a sidewalk is a good option, here is some information to help you decide.

Why Should You Choose Concrete?

You have built a home with painstaking effort. Naturally, you want every part of it to last as long as possible. While laying down stone or brick paths in your sidewalk and roadway might have an old-fashioned feeling to it, there are several reasons concrete is a better option. Here are some of those.



The primary idea behind building a driveway is to have a safe thoroughfare for your vehicles. Cement provides just the toughness that is desired considering one or more cars will ply on the entrance road day in and day out. When installed correctly, a cement-based driveway could last for fifty years or more. The same thing goes for sidewalks. Being the entrance road to your home, the sidewalks must endure a significant amount of wear and tear, not to mention harsh weather changes. We could help build or repair your sidewalks and driveways with material that would continue to beautify your premises for a long time.


Ideal for Large Surfaces

One of the reasons cement is used on floors is that it is an ideal material for larger surfaces. The same logic applies when building a driveway or a sidewalk. It is the best option to cover a large area, especially if you have longer and wider roadways. They are also safer than other common options like asphalt because they absorb lesser ultraviolet rays and remain cool. This is especially helpful if you have pets or little children running up and down the sidewalk all the time.



Aesthetics play a major role in designing the exterior of your home. Do you want a curved driveway? No problem. Our experts will help you choose the right designs and mold your sidewalks and your roadway into the look that you desire. That is the beauty of cement. It can not only be given any shape but also is available in stamped or colored variations so that you do not have to settle for the dull white color. Choose this versatile material to enhance the visual appeal of your home.


Low Maintenance

Financially, it makes more sense to go for concrete sidewalks and roadways because of its affordability. While the upfront cost could be slightly more than asphalt, it is less than brick and cobblestones. What is more, you do not have to spend on maintenance with such durable material as much as you would do for other materials, making it a low maintenance option. Touch-ups may be required when there are slight damages from daily wear and tear, but the high durability of the material ensures those costs are less frequent and minimal. Cleaning a cement-based pathway is also easier than removing dirt from a brick walkway. As with everything else, the quality of the cement makes a difference as well, which is where we would gladly help.


Selecting the Right Contractor

Choosing concrete to build or repair your driveway or sidewalk is only the basic step. What is crucial is selecting the right contractor who could provide you with durable material and quality construction work. It is important to hire someone who thoroughly understands the process of safe installation and puts your mind at ease by providing answers to all your construction queries. At Miramar Concrete Contractors we provide expertise in various types of concrete construction. Besides driveways and sidewalks, our focus areas also include pool decks and decorative areas of your home. For any concrete installation or repair service, we are happy to provide you with a free quote. Contact us today at (954) 329-0244 and let's talk about your construction needs.

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